Free Indicator for longer timeframes vs quick mobility of the MTS_midas indicator...

"The Midas Indicator - Capture explosive moves as they are happening in real-time"

The MTS_Trend is Flexible and Fast!

Speed up your Reaction Time!  The original Midas Indicator, which is free as promised, will give you a great idea on how powerful it really is.  However, you will quickly want the flexibility, and Speed, that the MTS_Trend version of the Midas will provide for you.

Quickly Identify the Best Trade Setups & Initial Targets!

Even when managing longer term trades, it is helpful to be able to quickly assess the intra-day trend.  The MTS_Trend enables a quick assessment of tradeable levels that shouldn't be breached if you are long, and it will help you scale out of a position as you move into longer term Resistance.  Often you will want to do this on a moments notice!

All you have to do with the MTS_Trend is grab it and drag to your chosen launch point, adjust the channel lines, and you have an instant roadmap that can help identify trades like this one below:

The MTS_Trend allows you to quickly navigate multiple potential developing micro trends within trends.  This helps you identify the strongest trades as well as establishing initial targets which is invaluable when having to make rapid trading decisions.  This is valuable when making trade size adjustments once in a trade.  It is helpful when taking partial profits in anticipation of a pullback where you can re-enter your full position.

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