Custom Midas Curves - MTS Indicator Suite..

"The Power of Muli-TimeFrame Midas Curves with precision entries"

Multi-TimeFrame Analysis - At A Glance!

Imagine: Keeping tabs on Higher TimeFrame Support and Resistance Levels without having to look away from the time-frame you use to execute your trades!  The MTS_OtherTimeframe Indicator makes this easy..

There are great trades that occur 'mid-level' at times, but the expectation of a more profitable trade unfolding off a higher time-frame level is much higher!  Trades like this:

Multiple TimeFrame analysis can increase your reward to risk expectations for your average trade.  Professional traders always keep risk to reward in mind.  MTS_OtherTimeFrame allows you Instant Access to knowing where Otherwise Hidden longer timeframe Support and Resistance is hiding - and it Keeps you Focused on those Critical Inflection Points when it is most important!

These critical zones are easy to see in hindsight but knowing where they are in Realtime Trading is the only road to making Effective Trading Decisions in the real market.

Have you ever become too absorbed in small market moves, taking small but numerous losses?  And then finally catching the bigger move only to take a small gain when you should have cleaned up?  Its easy to get lost in small scalping trades, and to lose sight of a directional bias when trading a single lower timeframe.  The MTS_OT will help prevent that from occurring by adding those important levels right on your lower timeframe chart!

  • Watch how effective your entry triggers are when you apply them only at Higher Timeframe Inflection Points!
  • Imagine how these High Reward to Risk trade locations can double or triple your average winners while reducing the number of losers in a trading day!

$49  - Never miss a higher timeframe opportunity again

This pricing will be in effect for a limited number of purchasers.  After that this will become part of a subscription service.

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