MTS Market Scanner - Minimize the time it takes to monitor your stocks, futures, ETF's and Forex markets for Otherwise Invisible Trade Setups!

Imagine:  A powerful scanner that alerts you to important Support Zones IN JUST ABOUT ANY MARKET in only a few minutes each day...

This ‘set it and forget it’ market scanner allows you to quickly custom pick important price levels, launch the Midas curves (Yes – King Midas and his golden touch comes to mind!) from critical market pivots and then you can rest assured that you will be alerted to critical entry points and/or areas to adjust a trailing stop-loss like this below:

This highly informative indicator holds the secret to making sense of a market that appears chaotic at best

Where is the market structure?

A trained eye can see the levels in this chart but it is largely difficult to assess the most important levels. Compare this chart to the one below which adds the powerful dimension of Midas Support and Resistance Analysis.


Do you prefer to FLY BLIND, or does having a time tested road-map make sense to you?

Market Structure Reveals Hidden Levels - Exposing Powerful Trading Opportunities

Most of you know that support is support until broken. It then becomes resistance, and vice versa. When resistance is broken, it becomes support. Just look at how the important Support and Resistance Zones are clearly defined by the Midas Curves. More importantly, notice how price react's when it approaches these important Levels.

Where in this chart would you want to maintain a long position, where would you want to consider taking some profits and where would you want to exit most or all of your holdings?

Regain the POWER you gave to your Broker, Advisor or Portfolio Manager!

Keep in mind that it is in their best interest to keep you in the market.  Many of them get paid a percentage of those assets whether they are making you money or not.  They are in a buying trance motivated by the belief that the US markets always go up over time, but they provide no guidance on how to protect your portfolio against long declines that can take years to recover from!  This tool:

  • Gives you guidance so you can make more educated adjustments to your positions
  • More confidence that you, and your Broker/Advisor are making the right moves
  • Allows you to fine tune how you approach your portfolio allocation. Know where to cut losses, let profits run and where to take those profits!
  • Is Easy to Use. A quick update and a few minutes reviewing relevant alerts each day will move you in the direction of understanding the markets!
  • Provides potential Signal Alerts at critical turning points in the market!

Maintaining a position while the market is showing evidence of Trending Higher makes sense, but does it really make sense to keep a position when important Midas Levels are being broken?  Imagine the sense of ease you will have just knowing where you need to protect yourself and when you can relax!

The midas curve gave a clear and early warning that you should lighten your position or elminate it altogether.  The MTS Midas allows you to focus on trending markets, and to be much clearer about when caution is advised!

Let’s take look at the profitable guidance that Midas gave us in Apple (AAPL) -

Imagine: being able to instantly launch the midas curve which is based on Levines theory that volume, price & time  illuminates powerful Support & Resistance Levels and that you will be alerted, in Real-Time  if you choose, when these levels are being tested.  Once setup, you can relax as you now know that you will be made aware when these key Levels have been hit!  Monitoring these levels manually can become quite tedious work!  The MTS Scanner will free up your time and energy and keep you focused on the market in the critical moments only.

  • • Develop confidence in knowing you have a real reason to make market decisions based not on a story but real market action.
  • • Your portfolio is more secure
  • • Ten minutes a day and your monitoring is complete!

Paul Levine wrote in 'Introducing the MIDAS Method of Technical Analysis':

"I call this technique the Midas Method, an acronym for Market Interpretation Data Analysis System.  It is designed to focus attention the the dynamic interplay of support/resistance and  accumulation distribution which are the orderliness in what might otherwise seem to be a random or chaotic process"

The Midas curves visually display, in a very useful format, the historical price and volume data and how it relates to the most important recent turning points in the market.  They are much more intimately tuned into the fuel available in the most recent market action, rather than continuous channels such as Bollinger Bands and Keltner Channels.

Imagine being able to make sense of the current market behavior when it is most important and having the peace of mind that knowledge brings with it.  Depending on the size of your portfolio this could easily be worth thousands of dollars.

Avoiding one big market decline could save you thousands alone.  It is just as important to know when to initiate, and add to, a position in an up-trending market!  Knowing when to initiate, add to and/or hold a position can be worth thousands more.  Really, there is unlimited upside potential when you have a real feel for the market.  That isn’t to say you don’t have to exercise caution and common sense.  There will be losing trades & positions.  There is no way to avoid that, but these tools will give you the overall guidance to be successful if properly applied!

We won’t charge you anything like the real value this Powerful Tool provides!  Even $500 a year would be a steal!  A mere $41.66 a month, or $1.38 a day, to harness the power of MTS – Midas Trading Systems Scanner.

Paul Levine went on to say:

“..we view the hierarchy of S/R levels as being the fundamental reality underlying stock price behavior, and do not believe that a coherent model of this behavior is possible without them.  It is therefore not surprising that extant computerized trading systems which do not include this reality are generally ineffective.  Ven with the powerful tools of neural networks and adaptive systems, one is in effect finding the optimum square peg for a round hole.

                With our focus on the relationship between price and the Support/ Resistance hierarchy, we have a powerful taxonomic tool to identify universal patterns of behavior exploitable for trading profit – patterns that would not be discernible from a consideration of the prices alone, i.e. without reference to the S/R hierarchy.”

The MTS – Midas Trading Systems Scanner will help reveal the otherwise invisible structure driving the market at any given time.  This is truly valuable information to have and we want you to experience it directly.

Included in your purchase will be training videos, intra-day setups you can use to enter longer trends, software setup videos, and timely updates on markets that you may not be following.  For the first 30 members we will be offering extended trials on new high performance products focusing on the Midas Method.

For a limited time you can access this powerful technology, in the comfort of your own home, for a low startup fee of $99.00.  This gives you six months of Full access.  Thereafter, use of the software will cost a low $.66 a day or $20 a month.

This offer will only be available for a short time before the pricing is increased.  As our first subscribers, you will be locked into this ridiculously low subscription pricing.  You will have access to updates, training resources, and most importantly your own trading advisor in the MTS Scanner software!

Don’t miss the next market move, or opportunity to protect your portfolio (your families portfolio!), because you were lacking the right tools.  Click the Buy Now link below and start your exciting, eye opening journey of Midas Market insight!

6 Month Trial $125 & $19.95 month thereafter

P.S. – For those of you who are interested in using intraday techniques to enter daily or weekly moves in the market, I will be providing a special report bonus on identifying and utilizing trading levels to help minimize your risk per trade.  This is one of the concepts I learned after spending significant time and money in a proprietary trading program based in the UK.  Even if you are familiar with how to identify trading levels, this special report will show you how to use these levels in relation to the midas curves for further limiting the risk associated with entering a new trade/position.