The Midas Method

The Midas touch didn’t work out all that well for poor king Midas.

The modern day Midas touch is not about turning things into gold – its about understanding systems and turning that understanding into profit. (Of course, you can spend that profit on gold if you wish.)

There are many types of biological, social, technological, political, economical etc. systems. The modern day golden touch can be described in five steps:

  • Awareness – If you are not aware of a system (or anything in general), how can you have any kind of influence on it? The reason most people don’t have the touch is because they get stuck at this first step.
  • Observation – Observation of a system feeds the subconscious with necessary information. This is probably the most important aspect of the Midas touch, often even sufficient on its own.
  • Analysis – Analysis aims to understand the system by consciously assaulting the elements it is made out of. The analysis step of the golden touch breaks the system down to its building parts in order to understand it.
  • Synthesis – Every fool can break something, but not everyone can put it back together again. Synthesis is about consciously understanding the dynamics of a system as a whole.
  • Optimization – Optimization is about understanding how a system responds to change, and finding shortcuts for more efficient, streamlined operation.

These five steps lead to mastery of the modern Midas touch. Through the practice of putting our brains to work we can optimize, take advantage of, or even create new systems.

In a business system the Midas touch makes the cash flow our way.