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  • Introducing the MIDAS Method of Technical Analysis by Paul Levine
    Introducing the MIDAS Method of Technical Analysis by Paul Levine

    In this, the first of a series of columns, we will introduce to the community of technical analysts a new approach to charting the price history of a stock or commodity. I call this technique the MIDAS method, an acronym for Market Interpretation/Data Analysis System.

This indicator is made for Ninjatrader.  You can use Ninjatrader for free until you start using it for live trading.  At that time you will need to upgrade to a paid account if you want to use NT to manage your live trades.  Below is a download and setup guide as well as information on how to access free commodities realtime data from AMP Futures.

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    Daily & Weekly Trade Scanner

    We will be updating or forwarding daily and weekly Midas curve updates on selected stocks, currency futures and futures. In addition, we are planning to release a version of the trade scanner so you can take the strain out of monitoring a larger body of instruments for long term setups. Stay tuned!

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    Automated Realtime signals

    We have developed a proprietary trading system which specializes in intra-day entries which capture daily and even weekly trends. These powerful signals will be available in the coming months.

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    Powerful additional intra-day entry indicators!

    We will be introducing several very powerful complimentary trade signals that work hand-in-hand with those you have been introduced to so far. You won't want to miss these!


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This book provides a new, powerful twist to MIDAS technical analysis, a trading method developed by the late Paul Levine. The authors show how to employ MIDAS in trading, from recognizing set ups to identifying price targets. The book explains the basics of MIDAS before demonstrating how to apply it in different time frames. Further, it extrapolates how MIDAS can be used with other more conventional indicators, such as DeMark or moving averages. In addition to introducing new indicators that the authors have created, the book also supplies new computer codes.